Dianabol Cycle


Dianabol, also commonly known as Methandrostenolone, and Dbol in the bodybuilding community is popular for its outstanding effects which come in forms of large muscle and mass gain, and tremendous strength gain, which is the most sought for effect of anabolic steroids. Dianabol’s advantage over other steroids is that its fast acting, which brings out a whole spectrum of usefulness. That is why it’s best used in a combination with other steroids, as an addition to a well-planned stack. Here we shall give you the insight about good and proper Dianabol Cycles.

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Dianabol has a short half-life, so its best used when distributed into three even daily doses, mostly with a meal. This is also the best way to use it, especially when it comes to beginners. It comes in two forms, pill and injectable type, while pills are used more often and they mostly come in forms of 5mg, 10mg and 50mg. This makes it easy to evenly distribute the daily dose. Some bodybuilding veterans are known for using the whole daily dose right before a workout, because that is the time when the blood concentration in the muscles is the highest, but this is somewhat risky as it can put too much pressure on the liver.

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Dianabol is mostly used during the off season, when everyone is trying to get more muscular and stronger, and as said before while it can be used alone and with other steroids, it’s wisest to be used in a stack, thus these two methods are most commonly used, kick starting and plateau busting.

  • Kick starting is the best way to use Dianabol. While used in a stack other steroids need time to take effects, while Dianabol effects can manifest themselves very quickly. And by the time those other steroids start to work, you have already made some notable gains in both muscle and strength. In this case Dianabol is used between 4 and 8 weeks.
  • Plateau Busting is also a powerful and useful way of using Dianabol. A lot of individuals who use steroids hit a wall of stagnation from time to time, and this is exactly where your body needs a push so to speak. This can happen at any time of the cycle, but in most cases it happens at the end of the cycle, between 7th and 10th By using Dianabol at that time, its powerful effects and strength gain will ensure that the actual progress continues. Used for this purpose a Dianabol cycle is rarely used for more than 6 weeks, and in most cases its 4 weeks in total. This type of Dianabol use is mostly used by veterans or individuals who already have some experience with anabolic steroids.


Dianabol gives superior results when stacked together with other compounds, rather than just used alone. However, some people are determined to run Dianabol solo so we have included the most common Dianabol-only cycle here. Dianabol will give a visible return within the first 2-3 weeks. Most users start with a 20mg dose, which can be raised to 50mg, if your body doesn’t manifest any side effects, and for beginners Dianabol shouldn’t be used for more than 8 weeks, and 6 week cycles are the most common.

Here is a standard beginner’s cycle:

Week 120mg
Week 2-630mg

And for some more advanced users:

Week 130mg
Week 240mg
Week 3-850mg

The reason Dianabol isn’t recommend for use in a solo cycle it would mostly be a waste of time, as you wouldn’t get the desired results. Due to Dianabol’s water retention effect, as soon as you finish the solo cycle, you would deflate, resulting in losing the gains from the cycle. That is why Dianabol is best used in stacks, especially with Testosterone. It will give you that stronger, bulkier and denser look, and the best part is that you get to keep most of your gains. For availability and some general good and useful information about Testosterone we strongly suggest that you follow this link.



Dianabol can be stacked with several other steroids, and in every stack it plays a large role when it comes to actual gains. As said before it’s mostly used for its kick starting purpose, giving outstanding gains in both strength and muscle size, especially as some steroids need some time to manifest their effects. In most cases Dianabol is stacked with Testosterone, Trenbolone, Deca-Durabolin, Sustanon, Winstrol and Anavar.

Dianabol is best stacked with Testosterone as they make a great combo together, especially because of its kick starting effect, as Testosterone needs more time to kick in. Having that in mind, we’ve set an ideal stack cycle:

Week 1-530mg/day of Dianabol
Week 1-12250/E3D of Testosterone Enanthate

With Trenbolone:

Week 1-520-30mg/day of Dianabol
Week 1-840-50mg/day of Trenbolone

With Winstrol:

Week 1-830-40mg/day of Dianabol
Week 5-850mg/day of Winstrol

With Testosterone Enanthate and Trenbolone:

Week 1-430mg/day of Dianabol
Week 1-840mg/day of Trenbolone
Week 1-12500mg/E3D of Testosterone Enanthate

You can see why Dianabol is one of the most used and popular steroids, especially when we talk about a steroid stack cycle. And the best part is that it’s mostly stacked with injectable steroids, which gives less chance of damaging the liver, due to the long cycles.



As all anabolic steroids have possible side effects, the same goes for Dianabol. Most common side effects when using Dianabol are water retention and gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Both reactions happen due to the increased levels of estrogen in the body. Gynecomastia is the more feared side effects, as its effects can be annoying. One or both breasts can be affected by this, causing the pain in the breasts, and the not so pleasant female breast like look. Water retention, or Moon face (commonly known in bodybuilding community) causes the swelling of the face and neck. And some steroids users tend to think that the effect of water retention is actually fat, which really isn’t the case here. It’s just too much water in your body, caused by the aromatizing of the hormones.

Some other side effects that can also manifest are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acne, oily skin, male baldness, mood swings, testicular atrophy and testosterone suppression. As with all oral steroids, Dianabol can also cause liver toxicity. The good side here is that Dianabol, in most cases isn’t used for more than 6 weeks, which greatly reduces the chance for this type of side effect. Dianabol, like all hormones which raise testosterone, can cause virilization in women. Most common symptoms are deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement and hair growth.

As said many times before, some individuals may suffer from all these side effects, and some on the other hand can be unaffected. It depends of genetic predisposition, body tolerance to the product, how high are the doses, and for how long is the product used. Generally most side effects are cause by improper using, where in most cases the doses are too high. With a good cycle plan, and controlled doses, the actual side effects can be controlled. Also an aromatase inhibitor can be used to reduce estrogen conversion, which will greatly reduce the potentional side effects, especially gynecomastia.

Three most commonly used are:

  • Arimidex (Anastrozole)
  • Aromasin (Exstemesane)
  • Femara (Letrozole)


Like with all steroids, a good PCT plan should be implemented at the end of the cycle. The use of SERM (Clomind and Nolvadex) and aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex, Aromasin and Femara) is of great importance when it comes to Dianabol Cycles. Also some users also include the use of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), in most cases before the use of SERM. When it comes to Dianabol PCT, it all depends of the actual cycle, for how long was it used and with how high doses.

Some commonly used cycles for PCT are:

Week 1Clomid 150mg/day + Nolvadex 60mg/day
Week 2Clomid 100mg/day + Nolvadex 40mg/day
Week 3Clomid 50mg/day + Nolvadex 20mg/day

Stronger cycles may require higher doses of and longer duration of PCT. It mostly depends on the actual compounds that were used in the cycle.

When HCG is implemented into a PCT:

Week 1Dosage
Week 1HCG 500-1000iu/day + 40mg/day of Nolvadex
Week 2HCG 500-1000iu/day + 20mg/day of Nolvadex

The success of a steroid cycle depends on the PCT as well. And with a good PCT plan, you will save your gains and protect your body while striving for a better and stronger version of yourself.


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