Proviron: The Essential Anti-Estrogen

What is Proviron and is it Anabolic?

Proviron is the trade or brand name for the androgenic steroid chemically named mesterolone. Proviron is an anabolic steroid that is DHT-derived (dihydrotestosterone), and dihydrotestosterone is itself a derivative of testosterone.

It is a product that comes in oral form (pills, basically), and some actually do not consider it as being a real anabolic steroid. The reason for this is merely that provirons anabolic activity is known for being mild. But it is still a very effective anabolic steroid, so we will treat it also in this aspect during the course of this article.

Compared to basic testosterone, proviron is in nature rather similar to it, except for the fact of course that testosterone has indeed the ability to make your muscle mass become quite bigger in size and density.  Instead, proviron will provide a more ‘virilizing’ effect to an already well formed muscular mass ensemble.








However, in its own right, Proviron allows the user to receive great protection and support while running a cycle and implementing Mesterolone too. Other important positive effects of its correct implementation will certainly be the protection against the activity of estrogen, together with the enhancement of the effects of other anabolic steroids and even the noticeable incremental quantity and quality of the user’s sperm count.

We will elaborate more about the beneficial effects / positive effects of Proviron in the dedicated paragraph of this article.

The History Of Proviron in Sports and Medicine

Proviron was initially developed by the pharmaceutical company Schering in 1934 as a means of treating hormone related adverse conditions. Proviron is one of the absolutely oldest anabolic steroids manufactured and marketed in the history of such a category of drugs.

It is also true that Proviron reached fame and glory as a widespread and well accepted item only in the seventies.  Although some people at that time labeled it as the most important anabolic steroid that had ever been created, it is however nowadays better understood that Proviron is not really that much of an anabolic steroid in terms of benefits delivered for raw muscle gain. However it definitely is very important and can produce some significant supportive effects for all anabolic steroid users, as we examine in detail.

Over time, in fact, this item started being more analyzed and frequently used as part of many bodybuilding cycles.  The reason was essentially of its general usefulness and unique ability in the enhancement of the production of endogenous testosterone.  Another reason was its highly regarded capability of suppressing rising estrogen levels in the body.

Proviron has been awarded significant recognition for a trait that other drugs in general cannot boast. It is a drug which not only has an impressive effectiveness as a medicine, but can also show a continuous and impressive track history for its highly regarded safety and tolerance margins among patients.  This is especially true for older male patients affected by a declining state of well-being, which is often the consequence of their inevitably lowering through age of androgen levels. Proviron can also treat some libido dysfunction and infertility issues.

What Does Proviron (Mesterolone) Do?

Proviron is, a derivative of the hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is because a methyl group has been attached to the first carbon position of the hormone. Also, as previously mentioned, it is a mild anabolic and recent studies have finally put in the spotlight the actual reason why it has a mild anabolic effects. Basically, proviron gets broken down into metabolites in a rapid fashion when it reaches the muscular tissues, hence losing most of its potential anabolic effects. This is a trait that it shares with the ‘parent’ dihydrotestosterone itself.

Namely, when it reaches the muscular tissues, a particular enzyme binds to it, and makes it become inactive, thus losing some of its anabolic effects.

Proviron, when used in conjunction with other anabolic steroids, can often enhance their features by making a greater amount of testosterone available throughout the body in a free fashion. This has the effect of increasing the total anabolic amount being used for the specific purposes.

How To Use Proviron Optimally

The following is a list of uses where Proviron / Mesterolone will be effective in deploying its features, but is in no way a comprehensive list:

  1. Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction. This is by far one of the most obvious applications of Proviron as a means of curing impotence because of its clearly effective ability to increase your body’s androgen levels. Some users have said that this purpose was widely attained with a mild degree at the very least.
    But please note that if you have a normally and healthily functioning body in terms of androgenic capacity, you will not have to implement Mesterolone thinking that it will enhance furthermore your endogenous production. It simply won’t, and you’ll have wasted your hard earned money. Even worse, perhaps you will have to face some negative side effects for no reason whatsoever!
  2. The Anti-Depressive Feature of Mesterolome / Proviron. There has been one particular medical test which showed that this item could improve the psychological state of a number of users affected by various forms of depression. This triggered many individuals to implement it for this purpose. The test was in fact not a conclusive one in terms of scientific evidence (given that about the same results were observed in the placebo control group), but there is some logic in the observation that Proviron could help in this capacity.
    In fact, because of the shown androgenic increase it can provide, which in turn can improve male sexual performance and  hormonal balance, it could well be thus that Proviron / Mesterolone promotes a general feeling of improved “masculinity” and, consequently, also a generally enhanced feeling of self- confidence and the restoration of a good, positive mood in the user.
  3. The Enhancement Of Libido In Men. The effectiveness of this item to act as a favorable means of boosting the libido in men is largely due to its ability to enhance the levels of free testosterone in the body. This in turn enhances sexual “appetite” and also the potential capacity for fertility.
  4. Inhibition Of Aromatase Effects. Another well-known benefit of Proviron is how it can work against the levels of estrogen in our body by acting as an AI (aromatase inhibitor). It should be noted, however, that its activity as an aromatase inhibitor is not at all of the level of such ‘specialist’ products like Aromasin,  Letrozole, or Arimidex; nevertheless, Proviron can still be very beneficial in this aspect.
  5. Enhancement Of Other Steroids’ Effects. In fact, this is often the main application area of Proviron chosen by the majority of users. Because it is known also that an individual user’s overall anabolic capacity largely relies on the amount of ‘free’ testosterone that is available in the body, then it is obvious that Proviron is the perfect ‘ally’ in laying down the ideal foundation  in order to enhance and optimize the effects of any other anabolic steroid.Hence, using exogenous testosterone is only going to feed into this testosterone “overdrive” we already have at our disposal. Given that these two items mutually complement each other, here is the end result of the combination: our ability to grow lean muscle and perform strength training will increase by far thanks to the ‘multiplier effect’ of Proviron (Mesterolone).
  6. Proviron Will Provide Users With A Dryer Look. Proviron is indeed an incredibly useful cutting agent in its own right. Its implementation greatly reduces estrogenic side effects, allow the user to effectively “dry out” their muscle mass and be able to show a much leaner appearance and very noticeable veins.We know that some high levels of estrogen lead to the retention of water between the muscles and the surface of our skin. When this effect is greatly deleted thanks to the implementation of proviron, our muscles come closer to the skin’s surface and thus give us that dryer and granite-like appearance that is sought after by many professionals like actresses and actors, fitness models, and upscale bodybuilders.

Side Effects of Proviron

All pharmaceutical grade compounds include some inevitably associated negative effects and Proviron is by no means an exception to this rule. We’ll now outline what they are when you implement this drug and also explain how to counteract those side effects in order to make sure that your time with Proviron will be recalled in time only for its positive and beneficial side effects.


The potential main negative side effects when implementing Proviron include, although not being at all limited to the following:

  • Being that Proviron is an androgenic compound, it does have the potential to cause some side effects.  This may manifest as more oily skin, an increase in the production of facial hair, an increase of hair on the body, a potential onset of male pattern baldness (when the user however is fairly prone to this effect due to the personal genetics). In this latter event, we must remember that there are several products including DHT inhibitor shampoos and medications that can possibly help to alleviate this issue. Should this issue manifest, it is very likely to regress once the user ceases to use Proviron, so it isn’t at all a long lasting problem.



  • With reference to the implementation of Proviron by female users, although its administration to women is really not recommended, it is to be noted that the main negative side effects found in usage of this drug are essentially the phenomenon of ‘masculinization’ (for example, a deeper tone of their voice, or a potential facial hair growth, and other minor ones, though these can still be or become significant issues).

But on the other hand, the good news for female users too is that research has shown that it does not have a toxic effect on the liver (hepatotoxicity that is). Therefore it is quite unlikely that this item will ever set forth any problematic issues for anyone’s liver.

Proviron can show some negative side effects when it comes to the cardiovascular system. Several studies have demonstrated that Proviron, administered at a dosage of about 100 mg on average every day and for an uninterrupted period of six months or longer, has shown some quite heavy side effects on such user’s cholesterol values. This occurs because of an increase of the so-called ‘bad’ (LDL, or Low Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol and by at the same time decreasing the so-called ‘good’ (HDL, or High Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol. But this effect is determined only when large amounts of the drug have been administered daily, over a lengthy period of time.

  • Although this may come in a rather weak fashion, however it is also possible that Proviron may have a detrimental consequence on the body’s natural testosterone production. Though it may seem at first glance quite contradictory being that the luteinizing hormone plays a vital part in the synthesis of testosterone, remember that Proviron is still an anabolic steroid.Even though Proviron is mild in nature, even mild steroids like this one may well be able to reduce and / or to shut down natural production of those hormones. This indeed happens because the body tends in time to actually get ‘used’ to it and thus to rely only on an exogenous source of testosterone, therefore lowering bit by bit its own endogenous production of this hormone.


  • Proviron has been shown to reduce levels of LH (Luteinizing Hormones) in some instances, therefore a proper PCT (that is, Post Therapy Cycle) phase is always necessary to ensure that the body’s own capacity is able to restore in full. But some studies have shown however that any quantity between 100 mg per day and 150 mg per day does not quite suppress in a significant fashion. Of course, much higher doses, i.e. doses that exceed the level of 300mg per day, do in fact entail a rather noticeable reduction of the body’s natural testosterone production levels.


  • Another side effect which is common to practically all drugs and also to pharmaceutical grade compounds (and we really mean ALL drugs, even outside the field of those related to building the best physique one can possible build through their implementation) is that the human body develops at some stage a tolerance to the drug being administered.  As such, Proviron is no exception to this rule. If taken on a regular basis over an extended period of time, eventually the human organism becomes used to those compounds and actually becomes less sensitive to its overall effects.

This can mean that the hormonal restoration capabilities of Proviron end up being lowered and this is something that may well be a risk for your health.  What options do you have in this instance then? The best way to combat this taking place is to only supplement Proviron in cycles as and when needed rather than on a continuous basis.

Now a few words about some of the minor (yet to be carefully controlled) effects and risks associated with the administration of Proviron, particularly when this item is administered at high dosages. As said, although this item is typically considered to be a very mild steroid, there are some other associated side effects and risks in regards to its use.

These minor side effects and risks include, but are not limited to the following main ones:

  • Increased or decreased energy levels
  • Irritability, elation or aggressiveness
  • Acne and oily skin
  • Premature puberty or stunted growth
  • Headaches
  • Breast excessive enlargement
  • Increased sexual drive

What we recommend in the above cases is to immediately consult with a doctor should any of them manifest.

The Main Beneficial and Positive Effects of Proviron

We have already seen before some of the advantages and treatments that can very favorably be carried out by administering the proper doses of Proviron / Mesterolone, but we will know list the main beneficial effects / positive effcts and provide them with a more specific and in-depth observation.

  • Given that Proviron is a DHT-derivative, you can rest assured that its implementation at any dosage, will not bring along any estrogenic effects whatsoever. In fact Proviron a potent anti-estrogen given its aromatase inhibitor activity.  This may well produce a significant mitigation of the estrogenic side effects produced by other compounds when used alongside them. Many studies have shown indeed that this effect from the implementation of Proviron has paved the way to its use in many important medical treatments, such as gynecomastia in male users and breast cancer.

  • Just like many other DHT-based steroids, Proviron has a direct impact on the utilization of the body’s fat deposits and favors their usage for energy needs in our daily life, which helps to reduce our lipid body rate. This lipid reduction is primarily due to the increase in androgen levels that are determined by this item, and this is another reason why it is such an effective component when used in a cutting cycle. This is where you need to purchase it only from a trusted supplier, who will send you a high quality, pure and optimally concentrated variant. We will elaborate a bit on this ‘what & where & how to purchase’ aspect later in this article.
  • Proviron is as said before a true enhancer of testosterone, given that it has unique properties that make it a useful and effective multiplier of testosterone’s features in terms of anabolic effects.
  • Proviron / Mesterolone shows promising results in the treatment of impotence, also referred to as erectile dysfunction. Indeed Proviron, as discussed before, represents a true forefront agent in this matter for its ability to enhance testosterone, which can then relieve to some extent, the symptoms of impotence.
  • Proviron / Mesterolone is a respectable ally in counteracting male infertility, or sub-fertility. This illness is often caused by a problem with the decline in production of sperm. Although the full mechanism of male fertility and infertility is not yet well and completely understood, it is known that the production of sperm is dependent upon both androgens (like testosterone) and gonadotrophins, which are the hormones that stimulate the sexual organs. Proviron, although having little or no effect on the gonadotrophins, does indeed stimulate androgens – according to many studies and to one in particular conducted by Patrick Bye and published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal.
  • Proviron will prove a great ally also when preparing yourself for a competition, given that it is definitely an excellent means of maintaining strength, securing the already built muscle mass, and also of increasing muscular visibility over the course of a contest preparation cycle. It has been used very well for this purpose by countless individuals. It is basically a great “all-in-one” cutting and definition aid, given that it helps the increase of your androgen levels whilst estrogen levels are being reduced. This means a reduction in water retention whilst simultaneously enjoying a good number of androgenic benefits (increased power output capacity, enhanced fat burning effect, etc).
  • Proviron / Mesterolone will increase your muscle density, given that the increase in ‘free’ testosterone will enhance also your own protein synthesis, which in turn increases the overall gains you can acquire in your muscle mass.
  • Proviron will prevent any onset of increased estrogen in your organism, and will do so by binding to the aromatase enzyme in the same way that testosterone can. This enzyme is ultimately responsible for chasing all unbound testosterone and turning it into estrogen. But by subduing it, Proviron is able to block this enzyme’s action and to prevent it from achieving its end result.


Optimal Dosages Of Proviron (Mesterolone)

Here we will discern between the general dosages implemented in the medical area for treating various illnesses, and the general doses used for bodybuilding and athletic purposes.

For example, treating a lowering androgenic capacity (that is, a reduction in the male sexual features and potency) will require the administration of one single tablet of 25 mg to be taken three times per day (for a total of 75 mg per day). This is the dosage recommended at the beginning of the treatment, after which a reduction will be put in place by implementing only one single 25 mg tablet per day. The same said doses are those applied in general when treating infertility in men, although there will be some other drugs that in this case will be implemented together with Proviron (Mesterolone).

In the field of sports, bodybuilders and athletes, Proviron will be implemented anywhere between 50 mg per day and 150 mg per day. The common needs for which this drug is implemented in this application field are the reduction of the levels of water being retained under the skin (caused by estrogen), and the increase and re-establishment of the user’s proper testosterone endogenous levels (thus avoiding any possible infertility issues) after the end of a cycle.

As said before, female users who perform sports in various fields do make use of this item, although its administration to women is really not recommended. But, should this however be the case, a single Proviron / Mesterolone dosage of 25mg each day will definitely change the user’s physique in terms of greater muscular visibility. Women should however limit the intake of this drug to no longer than 4 to 5 weeks. The main risk they would have to face if administration of this drug lasted for longer than 5 weeks, as previously illustrated, is the masculinization effects that Proviron will probably entail to some extent

How To Cycle and Proviron and the Benefits of Polysteroid Use

We have already mentioned some cycles with reference to very specific instances to be treated with Proviron. Now we will examine more general usages and cycles of Proviron / Mesterolone.

Knowing already that Proviron has a mild anabolic effect, it is not normally utilized that much in that respect and hence does not normally get cycled alone. On the contrary, it is instead often utilized as a complementary drug, either as an addition to anabolic steroid cycles for the purpose of lowering the effects of estrogen in the body, or stacked, to strengthen the effects of other anabolic steroids being implemented at the same time. Finally, it is also used for its effects on a physique’s appearance, i.e. for increasing the granite and shredded look of an athlete’s physique.

When used as a complementary item, being that the same product has no limit in its implementation duration, it can be taken during the entire cycle of an athlete all throughout their cycle length at anywhere between 50  mg and 100 mg per day. Some individuals like to implement Proviron as an ideal post cycle therapy treatment, so to reduce estrogen levels while boosting their fertility potential, although there are much better compounds than this one, with similar features but even stronger effects for PCT purposes (Nolvadex, for example).


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